Sunday, January 18, 2009

We need to burn more books

This time every year some obscure university English department makes their mark by announcing the list of words that should be removed from circulation because they are overused or misused. This year includes "bailout" and "mortgage meltdown" (though, I'm not ready to let either word go, just yet).

As a skeptical scrutinizer of the "christian" subculture in America, I have a few words that I think should be written in a book and then burned in a blaze. I submit these words because I rarely hear them used in a remotely accurate way (that is, used as a way that is grounded in their foundational meaning as used in the Bible).

I just learned that the blog box won't let me make columns, so below is first the WORD//then its MISUSE//then what it USED TO MEAN:

church//building, organization//gathering of friends
worship//religious concert & lecture//a life poured out, as a sacrifice
saved//guilt free pass//salvaged and put back to hard work
truth//proposition, world view//a person--Jesus
christian//religious conservative//one who loves & suffers like Jesus
preach//religious lecture//announce on the street
ministry//professional religious program//serving like a slave
apostle//spiritual superstar//expendable messenger
prophet//dead, lacking diplomacy//listens to God
pastor//religious CEO//smelly sheep tender
love//feeling or mood//sacrificial, tender care acted out


  1. Wow- first to comment! Glad to follow your blog. Glad to see you are doing this. Keep at it. This world needs more dancing bears!

  2. I am now un-naming it "dancing bear." Kirstie just called, crying laughing: "bear" in the urban dictionary means "hairy gay man who pursues young boys." If you read my first post--now deleted, it is quite lewd in that context. I'm crying laughing, too, but in a sad kind of way...

  3. All of that bear nonsense aside, I like the direct feel of your blog. I'm looking forward to following it! Love ya - J

  4. Some additional words others have emailed me to be included in the book: evangelism, elder, world, community